This course is aimed at learners 16+ and can be taken by any candidates in the educational system, professionals in training or wishing to enhance their professional skills and is particularly aimed at students, graduates, unemployed and job seekers as well as professionals and semi-professionals looking for career change.

The purpose of this programme is to provide learners with a toolkit of techniques and approaches necessary in obtaining quality employment including creating their CV, competence in completing application forms and ability to carry out high performance interviews.

This course can be taken alone or in combination with other professional skills courses developed by BCED.

Certified by:  SSM-logo 

NCFHE Licence No: 147

Course Content & Aims

Unit 1: Creating a CV

To create a high standard globally accepted C.V.

Unit 2: Completing Job Applications

To successfully understand and complete information requested on a range of application forms.

Unit 3: Performing in Interviews

To develop strategies and techniques to enhance interview performance.

Qualification Number GLH
MQF Level 2 Contact Hours 24
Units 3 Self-study Hours 75
Minimum Credits 4 Practice Hours
Age Restriction 16+ Assessment Hours 3
Learning Strategy

This course will be taught on a seminar basis using lectures, case studies, simulations, group work, projects and student presentations, guest lectures, video presentations and students will be encouraged to work in an independent learning environment.

Assessment strategy

The course is assessed by means of written assignments and practical tasks related to the material covered in each unit.

Entry Requirements

There are no fixed entry requirements but learners will be expected to have basic English language skills and computer skills.