Certified by:  SSM-logo

NCFHE Licence No: 147

The Award in Presentation Skills is intended for native or non-native English speakers, training or working or intending to work in an environment requiring the communication of content, ideas and arguments.

Candidates demonstrate their understanding and abilities to use presentation software to communicate effectively, to adapt the form of their presentation to match their goal and the expectations of their audience, to identify the necessary content depending on the occasion and listeners’ profile and background.

The Award is also suitable for candidates who wish to enrich their portfolio by certifying a range of skills applicable or required in a wide variety of positions and roles both within and across different organisations.

This course can be taken alone or in combination with other professional skills courses developed by BCED.

Course Content & Aims

Unit 1: Content and Form

This unit considers the nature of the presentation in relation to the intended audience and how the two can be matched most efficiently, the structure of the presentation, i.e., the number of main points and examples or supporting details that are required, body language and presenter etiquette, the selection of suitable visual effects, i.e., images, transitions. (1 ECTS)

Unit 2: Function and Visuals

This unit focuses on developing further computer skills required to create an electronic presentation using particular software to deliver presentations.

Software covered includes Powerpoint, Keynote and provides candidates with the opportunity to develop skills with more advanced web-based software programmes such as Prezi. (1 ECTS)

Unit 3: Communication and Delivery

Deals with what and how much information is to be included, ways to visualize it to enhance understanding, tone of voice and pace to increase effectiveness, degrees of personalization and display of emotions to support a particular point of view. (1 ECTS)

Qualification Number GLH
EQF Level 2 Contact Hours 24
Units 2 Self-study Hours 60
Minimum Credits 3 Practice Hours 6
Age Restriction 16+ Assessment Hours 2
Learning Strategy

This course will be taught on a seminar basis using lectures, case studies, simulations, group work, projects and student presentations, guest lectures, video presentations and students will be encouraged to work in an independent learning environment.

Assessment strategy

The course is assessed by means of written assignments and practical tasks related to the material covered in each unit.

Entry Requirements

There are no fixed entry requirements but learners will be expected to have basic English language skills and computer skills.