Certificate in VA Fares and Ticketing QCF (VA-1: Level 2)

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The industry-standard training course in manual Fares & Ticketing

The Virgin Atlantic/GTMC Fares & Ticketing Courses have been developed by some of the travel industry’s top course writers. The result is a fresh contemporary approach and a thoroughness for which Virgin is famous. The objective is to provide training programmes leading to valuable qualifications that demonstrate professional competence on the part of the holder.

These are qualifications that not only improve the promotion and employment prospects of the student, but also help build the staff skills-base that will ensure the long term continued expansion of the wider tourism and travel sectors.

Launched in 2003, the courses set the standard in manual Fares and Ticketing training for people who want to enhance their travel industry skills or join the travel industry. Centres can run any of the flight booking courses below.

VA-1 introduces you to the world of the travel industry

By using extracts from selected industry publication, students will be taught how to price and document various itineraries, according to the customer’s requirements.

On completion of this module, students will be able to:

  • Define IATA geographical areas and Global Routing Indicators.
  • Interpret various airline codings.
  • Identify differing fare types and their characteristics.
  • Select the lowest applicable fare for point to point itineraries with reference to fare rules.
  • Calculate fares applying the fundamental principles of the mileage system.
  • Construct fares using NUCs and the IATA Rates of Exchange for a range of currencies.
  • Identify all automated tickets, from tickets to ATBs and OPTAT/TAT and interpret all relevant information.
  • Interpret all MPDs/MCOs.

There is a final assessment of a 2.5 hour examination.

In preparation, both of the final review papers may be used as mock assessments.

Endorsed by

Virgin Atlantic Train the Trainer

Centres are required to have suitably qualified and experienced trainers to teach on CTH programmes. CTH offers appropriate training for the Virgin Atlantic Fares and Ticketing programmes on request.

The duration of the course required will be assessed on each trainer’s previous experience. Please contact Professional Skills Programmes for further details at info@cthawards.com

  • Centres can administer the exams at any time.
  • Exam results are issued within three weeks of CTH receiving the exam.
  • Centres can receive guidance and support from an experienced Fares and Ticketing trainer and Train the Trainer if needed at a cost.
  • Each teaching centre is provided with a separate trainer’s support pack with additional student exercises.
  • Successful students are issued with a CTH certificate.